Over the years Tony has developed a unique and distinctive approach specially suited to directing hair, beauty and testimonial commercials, which has found favour with multinational clients such as; Procter and Gamble, Lever and Kitchen and L’Oreal on a regular basis worldwide, particularly in South East Asia, South America and Australia.

Although Tony has lately worked extensively in Asia (keeping an apartment in Bangkok), he has over recent years been working consistently for the Latin American market and a variety of other cultures. Tony’s client base extends worldwide, including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

Tony’s career started as young man exploring the world as a fashion modeI working with such world renowned fashion photographers as Helmut Newton, Denise Piel, Patrick Demarchelier, Albert Watson and Toscani and many more. As Tonys says…..”I kept my mouth shut and my eyes and ears open”

The knowledge and experience Tony gained working with these greats of the fashion industry inspired him to get behind the camera and develop his own shooting style. He studied at the Australian Centre of Photography, got a job as an assistant and then fashion photography consumed his life for the next decade and more.

“I set out to “capture moments” of sensuality in every woman, regardless of their situation or environment. I wanted to find and film this innate sensuality in a natural, confident way that reveals the soul”

This ambition to “capture the moment” led to his desire to direct live action and prolong that moment on film.

Tony’s directing is very much about creating a situation that allows for the “reality” to be felt by the actors, and the moment to be seen “by chance” on film. Tony’s past experience in front of the camera allows him a unique understanding of how best to inspire that feeling of reality and simplicity and his photographic eye ensures a sensual imagery.

In Tony’s words…..“I believe that it is the director’s responsibility to assemble the very best people and ultimately aim to exceed the client’s expectations with thorough pre production, production and post production, paying careful attention to detail and ensuring that my responsibility to production company, agency and client is honest, well balanced and creative”.

“I am the captain of a large team and with that comes responsibility for the success or failure of a film to realise the ideas created by the agency and approved in principle by the client. This position calls for strength of character and the courage of ones convictions. In all my years as a photographer and film director I have never gone over budget.”